What is the aim of this Site? This site is intended as one of the "many trumpets, many voices" which we have been told are needed.1 The sources and inspiration for these discussions are many - some ancient, some very recent. Even in these fearful, self-involved times, God continues to talk to us. And whenever we slow down and listen, we can hear.

We have an unworkable world-view. We urgently need to discard our pernicious worldwide notion that "killing you" might somehow improve things "for me and my side". Concurrently with that, we need to stop inventing "sides". It is time for us to undergo a radical change of mind - from separation, anger and fear - to a sense of friendly play. We are taking our small world self, our body and ego self, way too seriously. This leads us to selfish abuse of others, whom we too commonly see as not me. And the not me’s happily abuse right back.

Why are we here? Some "timeless" background. This "space trip" of ours and its related brief "travel in time" started as a happy adventure! We have managed to make it into a defensive, often cowardly, walk of fear. As we think, is how we make our world. Our current thinking is based in a faulty world views which produce faulty results.

Our circular lose-lose "games", or something better. We can continue to collaborate in chaos or with a change of mind, act for harmony. We can think and create far better than we’ve done lately! Superficial, ignorant killing of bodies is a pitiful instrument of world policy or of personal living. It is very rude! And it really helps no one.  Rudeness like this creates a world of enemies, with all of us shackled to endless get-even games. And we are so childish in how we keep score! One of these days, it may be too late to wise up. Our bleak ideas and actions may poison or incinerate this planet, this handy school for love2, and us with it. Living in and from a mind set of separation and fear not only feels rotten, it regresses souls and increases "hell", right here, with each oblivious lifetime.









Miraculous mind-changing, world-changing ideas. The best of ideas I have encountered for our personal and global healing are aligned with teachings of A Course in Miracles2, a.k.a, "the course".   Like you, my trek has taken many turns. 

But now I walk on, as part of a growing, inverted pyramid of Teachers of God. As indicated in the Teachers’ Manual of "the course": "A Teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one. His qualifications consist solely in this: somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s. Once he has done that, his road is established and his direction sure. A light has entered the darkness. It may be a single light but that is enough.3" (And there is much more.)

What is so? And, What works?1 I believe the course’s author is who he says, and his teachings are authoritative and practical beyond measure. Yet this site offers no disrespect for the literature and traditions of countless sincere paths, both spiritual and non-spiritual. No religion, including atheism, nor any not-religion such as philosophy, psychology or the scientific method is diminished by inclusive spiritreality. Spiritreality encompasses the before, beyond, within and around of all physical systems, all thought and all ideas - it is metaphysics with a heart and soul.

It’s all one amazing, integrated thing - not just random space junk. The whole reality that is Infinite Spirit includes all thought, light and power. (Yeah, the power company and the telephone company - one magnificent monopoly. But we share in it as one with it.) Spiritreality (the All that is God and us) creates and is all substance, and causes every thing and every thought "to churn and burn". It is the enthusiasm that drives us to experience, to know and to be happy. No one need be "put off" by this, since the infinite reality of spirit includes all the rest.

You, I, spiritreality, science, and religion - all are joined in Mind. "Religion" begins in the felt sensing of spirit, and to a degree, religious practice may lead us to bridges of insight. Still, we are invited to step out further and embrace spiritual totality, both in our world of time-and-dimension, as well as before, after, within and beyond this realm of limits. The substance of spiritreality (the infinitely creating Divinity) also forms the energized structures within Infinite Mind around which we develop all of our "science"

Authority - we have a "miraculous" Source - and we need one.                                    Our authority here and now is the only Real authority, the one inner voice of knowing that each of us may hear whenever we stop playing our chattering "old tapes" long enough to be quiet and choose to listen. 


This is the voice which others likely heard over recent decades as they compiled "thecourse2" and other addenda and updates to the User Manuals on Life 1 , 4. Older scriptural "user manuals" remain useful and contain a wealth of valuable guidance. Unfortunately, many older manuals have so suffered from misuse, misinterpretation and divisive conflict that clarification through timely, practical updates has become critically necessary.

Whence and/or "how come?" these writings. We are posting a number of my "integrative" writings to this site. They are part of a large collection (about 500)penned over ten years, as I recorded personal aha’s and uncoveries. They are a marriage of daily life (sort of the adventuring masculine) with timeless principle (much of which is the nurturing feminine). Some items are heart-centered (click the heart button above to display a feelings-centered selection). You may click on the click head button for an intellect-oriented collection). All are spirit-centered and all are grounded in timeless and recent teachings about our amazingly fortunate and totally safe status within and integrated with all of spiritreality. These writings may resonate with you and provide affirmation as you work toward your own discovery or uncovery of which is right side up in life.

Major references:

1 Conversations with God,Neale Donald Walsh, Hampton Roads Publishing

2, 3 A Course in Miracles, Foundation for Inner Peace, later Viking Press

4 Journey Beyond Distance, The Other Voice, Brent Haskell, DeVorss Publications

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